Welcome to my little world, a world of colourful places, pretty homes, history and wildlife adventures – I am pleased you’re here and I look forward to taking you on some exciting adventures.

A little about my blog…

cropped-lucy-and-milly.jpgHer Country Blog was born from my love of exploring, visiting new places and trying new things. First and foremost, Her Country Blog is not just about the countryside, it is about ‘countries’, ‘historical sites’ and ‘unique places’ you can visit across the UK and world.

This year Her Country Blog is going to be exploring some of the most amazing places, trying out some of the yummiest restaurants and bringing ‘higgle’ to our homes! Hygge isn’t just for winter, it’s most certainly something we can do in the springtime and summer months, so why not sign up below and get your walking boots on, craft kits out or dress up cosy and join me for days of fun! It’s great to mix things up and spend your time trying new things, be it a new book, shopping, baking treats or making something fun – I also highly recommend the walking boots as I love to get out and explore, which often leads to other things on my list.

When the sun goes down, I like to swap my walking boots for jazzy heels or a nice pair of smart boots and explore the wonderful restaurant and hotel scene.

Travel and Visiting the UK…

 You’ll find the majority of my blog is about the UK, exploring this beautiful little island I call home. My blog is unique, and a point of view you won’t get anywhere else. I like to uncover the forgotten places, history and wildlife in our beautiful country, which I am told is refreshing.

If you’re looking for something a little different on your next UK trip, or fancy finding out about the best restaurants, cities and sites to visit then don’t forget to sign up and keep up to date with all the goings on of Her Country!

Navigating my blog…

It’s pretty straight forward really, at the top of this page you’ll find a few links to click on. My favourite is the ‘blog’ link, which will take you to a long list of unique blogs about places to visit, restaurants to try and staycations / vacations in the UK and Europe.

If however you’re more interested in my stats and chatting, you can scroll to the bottom of this page (or at the top) where you’ll see a link to ‘contact’ just fill out the form and I’ll be back in touch with you in no time!